General FAQ

We do not have a specific wholesale price list; we have set price breaks at pallet quantities. For any wholesale pricing contact our team for more information.

Yes, we do allow pickup from manufacturing locations. Please click here to view our global manufacturing locations.

Contact us via email if you wish to collect and we will arrange this.

When a pallet is used for delivery of Thermogard product, a $20 charge per pallet will be applied. Once the pallet has been returned (undamaged) to Thermogard, within five days your business account will be credited back.

To learn more about our Pallet Return scheme, view our blog.

Our Expedite Service is to be used when you are needed our product quicker than standard lead times. Whether it be Expedite Freight or Blast Freeze, we can help you overcome delays by ensuring your packaging gets to you when you need it urgently. Read more Expedite specific FAQs below on the attached blog.

Find out more here!

Thermogard supplies a standard range of various products that are held in stock ready to be shipped upon order. This includes a range of Gel Ice Packs, Wool Liners, Envirofoil Pouches and Cartons, all designed to fit together to create small, medium and large cool-chain kits bringing convenience and lower MOQ’s. These can be viewed on your regional website;
Thermogard NZ Shop
Thermogard AU Shop
Thermogard US Shop

This varies from product to product, but can be viewed on our website under each individual product. If you are ordering below the minimum order quantity for an item, you will not be able to add to cart and a red notification will appear.

There is no one answer to this question, unfortunately, as much of how long a gel pack will last in transit is dependent on external factors, such as ambient temperature, quality of insulation, the product being shipped and size and quantity of gel packs used.

To answer this question, we would suggest conducting live thermal tests using temperature probes to monitor your product over the desired time. We understand this can be overwhelming, so if you have any questions regarding testing, please let us know here!

This ranges for region, product and quantity, so if you have any questions or are needing something urgently get in touch!

Thermogard is based across New Zealand, Australia & the United States.  Please click here to view our global locations.

Recycling & Disposal

If you don’t wish to dispose of your Thermogard Gel Ice Packs, then we suggest reusing them in one of the below ways, just to name a few;

  • Donate to sports club
  • Donate to fishing club
  • Empty gel into your garden for better water retention

No, Thermogard does not accept any packaging back due to health and safety reasons. We recommend you check with the company you received the gel packs from, as often they will collect your old packaging on drop off of your next order.

Yes, being non-toxic, our Gel Ice is safe for septic tanks.

No, our Gel Ice Pack film is soft plastics recyclable. You can accumulate your gel pack film with other soft plastics (as mentioned in our blog) and they can be disposed of at your local soft plastics drop off point.

The gel is composed of 100% non-toxic ingredients, so it will not harm your pet.

Our Gel Ice Pack consists of a mix of 99% water and 1% non-toxic fine polymer to form a gel.

Here at Thermogard, understanding and managing our products lifecycle, including recyclability is very important to us!

Hence we are a partner or member at multiple different recycling programs and initiatives, like the Packaging Forum, Redcycle and APCO. These companies help us ensure our products are in line with national guidelines, and are able to be recycled at the end of their life.

Additionally, please check out our recycling page to learn more about how our products are recycled.

Yes, Envirofoil pouches are soft plastic recyclable. RedCycle and the Packaging Forum consider allow up to 20% contamination in plastic, anything over this is unrecyclable. Therefore, Thermogard’s Envirofoil pouches have a foil to plastic ratio of 19%, making our product soft plastics recyclable.


Ecommerce & Ordering

If you already have an account with Thermogard, but not a website login, please contact your relevant sales email and we will link your account in the system for you.

If you do not currently have an account with Thermogard, you will need to register with us, via the website. Please select your relevant regional website, and then follow the steps below.

New Zealand Website

Australian Website

United States Website

  1. Navigate to the Sign Up/Register Tab
  2. Fill in all relevant details
  3. Make sure to read and tick the terms & conditions checkbox!
  4. Click create account

Watch the below video for more information!

  1. Once logged in, you should land on your account page.
  2. Down the left hand side, there are a number of tabs regarding your account information. Click on Address Book.
  3. Here you can see all addresses stored for your account. You can edit the contents of current addresses, create new addresses, or change your default.
  1. To access and edit your product wishlist, access your account as normal.
  2. Click “All my Wishlist” from the left hand side tabs.
  3. Here you can edit current lists, create new or add an entire list to your cart, to help make ordering easy.
  1. Once you’ve placed your order, navigate to your account.
  2. On the left hand side tabs, click the “Purchases” tab.
  3. Then click “Purchase History”
  4. Here there will be a list of your past and current orders, and what their status is, alongside other important details like date ordered, and cost.
  5. In this same section, you can look at your returns and reorder items as needed.
Any further questions?

Any further questions?

We understand the above may not answer all your questions, so the Thermogard team is here to help. Any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact our team and we will help you get sorted!