How to safely dispose of Thermogard Gel Ice Packs

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If you are a fan of home-delivered meal-kits, then you may have built up a collection of Thermogard gel ice packs.

People often ask us whether they can reuse the gel ice packs. And the good news is Thermogard’s packs can be used time and again in your chilly bins or picnic bags. Due to our gel packs high quality components, Thermogard Gel Packs are built to last.

However, when the time comes to dispose of your gel ice pack, we have three simple steps to do this.

Safe and sustainable disposal of Thermogard Gel Ice Packs

If you have an over-supply of gel ice packs, then disposing of them safely and sustainably is easy. Our gel ice packs do not contain any chemical nasties or toxic ingredients.

In fact, the ingredients in our gel ice packs have been used in plant nurseries for many years. Horticulturalists use the same technology to retain and slowly release moisture in the soil.

Thermogard’s gel ice packs won’t harm the environment or clog up your drain. Made of super-absorbent polymer, the gel does not release any harmful gases even in landfill. By adding a teaspoon of salt and mixing with the gel you will be able to pour this down your drain. The salt will break up the gel to a more liquid form, this will mean the gel will not clog your drain.

If you need to get rid of any unwanted gel packs, all you have to do is follow these three steps:

Step 1:  Defrost any unwanted gel ice packs and cut open using a pair of scissors.

Step 2:  You can choose 1 of the following 3 options  –

  1.  Spread gel around your plants to retain water moisture.
  2. – Add a teaspoon of salt to gel pack and pour gel down the drain.
  3. – Empty the gel into your rubbish bin.

Step 3: Once you have got rid of all the gel, give the plastic casing a good rinse under the tap. You can then recycle the case in a soft plastics recycling bin.

You will need to double-check on your local recycling requirements by checking out our soft plastics recycling blog here to find the available options for your region.

Thermogard is committed to sustainability and the environment.

You can be confident our gel ice packs will not cause damage to oceans, waterways, or the environment if disposed of correctly.

But rather than throwing away your gel ice packs, why not reuse them? You can reuse our handy chiller packs multiple times.

Picnics made easy with Thermogard gel ice packs

With summer coming up, our gel packs will come in very handy. Use them over and over again to keep your delicious picnic food cool and fresh. Lasting twice as long as bags of ice, Thermogard’s gel packs don’t cause a mess. There’s no leakage, and minimal condensation so your picnic items won’t be spoilt or damaged.

Whether it’s a picnic at the beach, tramp in the bush, or day at the cricket, grab a gel ice pack. Convenient and easy to use, you will enjoy refreshing, chilled drinks and treats every time with Thermogard.

Other ideas of how Thermogard gel ice packs can be used.

–          Donate packs to your local sports clubs

–          Use in your lunch box to keep food fresh

–          Donate packs to your local fishing clubs

Get in touch today to try out our Thermogard gel ice packs.