Design Thinking for Your Needs.

Thermogard has adopted a design thinking methodology, a customer centered approach to innovation— drawing from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Thermogard continuously has your needs in mind when exploring new product avenues, and seeks to bring a well-rounded portfolio, in terms of sustainable & cost-effective products that remain high-performing enough to exceed expectations.

What this Means For You

Cutting Edge Technology

Latest Industry Innovations

Tailor Fit Solutions

Sourcing Capabilities From a Global Consortium of Products

Our Latest Developments

Thermogard is continuously striving to bring you the best of the best – by utilizing a variety of materials, cutting-edge technology, and industry specialists. We have made high-performing options viable for you through meticulous sourcing, testing and research to ensure you are met with the latest developments. Not tied to industry standards, Thermogard brings globally recognized packaging developments to your day-to-day cool-chain packaging solution.

Phase Change Material

Phase Change Material

This coolants represents the future of cold chain – as a fully customisable solution to suit multiple applications. With it’s non-toxic ingredients, and ability to be reused, Phase Change Material can be of great benefit to your current packout.

Vacuum Insulated Panels

Vacuum Insulated Panels

Outperforming Polystyrene, whilst remaining cost-effective and sustainable, makes Vacuum Insulated Panels the insulation that does it all. Available in a selection of thicknesses and sizes, Vacuum Insulated Panels can replace your current insulation with ease, and exceed your expectations with performance.

Paper     Shield

Paper Shield

Combining performance & sustainability like never seen before, PaperShield makes for a widely applicable insulation for any pack-out. Consisting of 100% paper, PaperShield is a product that is high-performing in cool-chain transit, yet consumer friendly in disposal – allowing peace of mind for all parties involved.