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Packaging Design Checklist

Basic Details

What industry would you consider your business to be?

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Basic Operations Questions

What is your budget per pack-out? *
How many packages do you ship per month? *
Is your product fresh or frozen? *
Do you require thermal testing data? *

Cool Chain Specific Questions

What is the lowest temperature your goods can reach? *
What is the highest temperature your goods can reach? *
Is the product shipped in refrigerated logistics? *
if yes, how long for? *
What is your maximum transit duration? *
What temperature does their product go into the box? *
Can you make the temperature of your product colder before shipping? *
Is your packing room dry? *
Do you require a leakproof solution? *
What coolant do you currently use? *

Package & Shipper Details

Do you have any limitations regarding the weight of the box? *
Will cartons be stacked? *
What is the colour of your current shipper? *
Do you require custom printing? *

Sustainability & Disposal

Do you prefer recyclable or biodegradable packaging? *
What is your opinion on compostable/bioplastics? *
What is your opinion on soft plastics recycling? *