Peace of Mind, Backed by Performance.

PaperShield is a 100% paper thermal insulation with an easy one step disposal, that gives you peace of mind, backed by performance. It’s thin nature and kerbside recyclability means PaperShield caters to both your business and consumer preferences, with a space optimized, lightweight pack-out that at end of life can be recycled with ease.


100% FSC Certified Paper

Kerbside Recyclable

Biodegradable & Compostable

High Quality, Recycled Materials

Strong Thermal Performance

The Future of Sustainable Insulation.

Why PaperShield?

Sustainability is only one of many benefits that come with utilising PaperShield in your packout. With more payload space, a lighter package, and a variety of configurations to layer PaperShield in, it truly accommodates to many business and transit requirements.

Versatile & High Performing for the Forward Thinking Business.

PaperShield is the key to performance in your transit, whilst still keeping down costs and still keeping your customers happy. With this array of benefits, PaperShield is the leading contender for companies looking to go sustainable.