Engineered to meet your requirements.

Phase Change Material (PCM) is a development that is modernising temperature specific transit and represents a safe, reliable and sustainable solution for cool-chain. The ability to customise what temperature this coolant is kept at during a critical period of time – both cold and hot means Phase Change Material will service a vast temperature range, making it the future of cool chain.


Customised Temperature Range (-70 to +30)

Safer Handling Compared to Dry Ice

Able to Freeze Onsite, On Demand

Reusable Product

Non-Toxic Composition

Expand Your Temperature Potential.

Reliable Performance, Time & Time Again.

Why Phase Change Material?

PCM has a single melting point, and needs a lot of energy to reach this, which makes it beneficial as an energy store for transit. PCM will melt as it absorbs heat energy, and in doing so cools the air in the process, making this suitable for cool-chain shipments. On the other hand, if PCM is exposed to cooler air, it will freeze, and release hot energy, therefore heating the air as a result.

Reliable, customisable & sustainable.

With mixed applications, yet widespread success, PCM remains ahead of other coolants in this space as it encompasses the business needs of many. If you require a coolant that is reliable, customisable and sustainable to fulfil your business goals and ensure your product remains fresh on delivery, then find out more about Phase Change Material and how this can work with you by talking to Thermogard today.

Pair with Vacuum Insulated Panels.

Pair with Vacuum Insulated Panels.

Such a groundbreaking coolant, deserves to be paired with a equally innovative insulation, such as Vacuum Insulated Panels. Outclassing Polystyrene, in both performance and sustainability, Vacuum Insulated Panels are the insulation option that does it all.