When performance and sustainability are no longer a trade-off.

Eliminate the tradeoff between sustainability and performance with Vacuum Insulated Panels. Vacuum Insulated Panels embody a solution that outperforms polystyrene, whilst remaining cost-effective and sustainable, therefore single-handedly disproving the mindset that one solution cannot do it all.


10x More Effective Than EPS

Reusable Solution

Flatpacked to Double Your Storage Capacity


Reduces Transport Costs

10x More Effective than Polystrene.

Why Vacuum Insulated Panels?

Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) represent a viable replacement for EPS Polystyrene in cool-chain applications, as it outperforms EPS up to 10x. VIP is a microporous core that is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin gas-tight envelope. This removal of air eliminates almost all heat transfer.

VIP is reusable, thus fulfilling the need for a high-performing, sustainable solution – simply use, clean and use again. This in turn reduces cost, reduces transport and storage costs, as well as decreasing carbon emissions as less additional units need to be created or transported. VIP Boards can be also be flat packed, which further lowers transport costs, and increases storage space.

You no longer have to compromise sustainability to ensure high performance. Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, talk to Thermogard today to find out what is the best fit for your business.

Pair With Phase Change Material.

Pair With Phase Change Material.

To level up your pack-out, pair Phase Change Material with your VIP Insulation for true peace of mind. As a customisable, non-toxic and high performing coolant that is changing the game in the cool chain industry, Phase Change Material is the right choice.